Zoom In: A Closer Look At The Types Of Camera Phone Zoom

What type of zoom does your smartphone have?

Smartphones continue to get smarter and smarter, and their cameras are no exception. Depending on the phone you have, you can take photos, videos, slo-mo videos, and even time-lapse shots. But one thing just about all camera phones offer is zoom. Zoom allows you to hone in on an object from far away. And thanks to recent advancements in phone camera lenses, you can do a lot more with zoom than ever before.

Taking a photo with a smartphone

Digital Zoom

Zoom is great for capturing long-distance shots so that you can share the moment later.

Most phone cameras come standard with digital zoom. What does this mean? When you open up the camera, you can pinch the screen with your fingers to zoom in and out. As you zoom in, the zoom camera actually crops the image so that it appears closer. It’s great for capturing long-distance shots so that you can share the moment later with friends and family. Spot a deer in your backyard? Zoom in to snap a pic without scaring it away. Attending your grandchild’s ballet recital? Digital zoom makes it easy to capture her best moves from the audience.

Optical Zoom

Recently, smartphones have come out with the next level of digital zoom. It’s called optical zoom. Optical zoom offers better, sharper image quality and retains all the details in the photo. This is an excellent improvement, because with digital zoom, image quality tends to decrease the more you zoom in. The reason why optical zoom works is because the phones are actually equipped with more than one lens. These lenses have different focal lengths, allowing you to get more than one perspective.

Both the iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S9+ have this type of dual-camera system. The first is a standard lens and the second is a telephoto lens. So when you go to zoom in, you’ll get crystal-clear image quality.

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