What Is Visual Voicemail?

Woman checks voicemail.
A number of benefits will leave you wondering why you haven’t tried it sooner

If you’ve ever struggled with making out the words in a voicemail message or accessing your voicemail inbox altogether, you’re in the right place. Since Apple first introduced visual voicemail in 2007, this technology has been simplifying communication for many smartphone users. Interested in giving it a try? Here's how to take advantage of all visual voicemail has to offer.

User-friendly advantages

Gone are the days of listening to a voicemail multiple times to understand what the caller is saying.

You may already enjoy the benefits of visual voicemail on your smartphone, but if you’ve never tried it with your Tracfone device, here just a few of its advantages compared to traditional voicemail:

  • Timesaving technology allows you to view a list of your voice messages within seconds and return calls from the same screen in one click. There's no need to scroll through contacts or dial the number yourself.
  • Handy transcriptions let you read all of your voice messages, ensuring clarity and privacy in public settings. Gone are the days of listening to a voicemail multiple times to understand what the caller is saying
  • Experience convenience by seeing exactly who called you, what time they called, and how long the message is. After you’re done, you can delete them or archive them to access again later.
Apps to try

Since not every smartphone comes standard with the option for visual voicemail, there are several free apps available for download offering a wide range of benefits. We recommend the following:

  • Google Voice: With simple setup, transcriptions, automatic spam filtering, searchable history, and message backups, it's easy to see why this app is fan favorite. Available for iOS and Android.
  • InstaVoice: This handy app provides free, unlimited visual voicemail with free missed call alerts, so it's easy to stay on top of communication. You can link multiple phone numbers and create personalized greetings for added convenience. Available for iOS and Android.
  • YouMail: If you need conference calling capability for work or keeping in touch with family, YouMail delivers. You'll also have the ability to block unwanted callers and even get a second number. Available for iOS and Android.

If none of these apps suit your needs, there are many more options to explore. And once you find a visual voicemail app that works for you, you'll find it much easier to keep track of missed calls and stay in touch for moments that matter.

Experience wireless freedom

Now that you're a visual voicemail pro, it's time to make the switch. When you do, consider making the switch to Tracfone as well. Browse our selection of phones, choose a service plan and enjoy Unbeatable Nationwide Coverage™ with no contract and no extra costs. And because Tracfone runs on the largest and most dependable networks in America, it's easy to stay connected no matter what.

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