5 Ways to Save a Waterlogged Phone

Prevent permanent water damage to your smartphone with these easy tips.

Woman on a walk drinking water and holding phone.

Quick Answer: If your phone becomes waterlogged, turn it off, dry it out using a microfiber cloth, and let it sit in a zippered storage bag filled with rice or silica gel.

Between the kitchen sink and the bathtub – not to mention outdoor hazards like swimming pools – there are numerous places where water can damage your smartphone, the one thing that keeps you connected to what matters most. If your phone takes a dive, remember these straightforward steps to help rescue it from disrepair.

1. Turn off your phone

Time is of the essence when you drop your phone in water. Turning off your phone within seconds of the accident can make the difference between a functioning phone and a permanently damaged phone caused by an electrical short circuit.

2. Dry it out

Grab a microfiber cloth and dry the exterior of your phone. Make sure to dry all areas that can collect water, including any ports, headphone jacks, speakers, and microphones. If you have any removable parts, like a SIM card or battery, remove them from your device and pat them dry as well.

3. Reach for the silica gel and rice

Silica gel packets and dry rice are efficient at absorbing moisture.

Collect your device and removable parts and stick them in a zippered storage bag along with silica gel, which you can find at your local Walmart or hardware store, or uncooked rice. While this step may seem odd, both silica gel packets and uncooked, dry rice are extremely effective at absorbing moisture.

4. Wait 72 hours

After creating an airtight seal with a zippered bag, the best thing you can do for your phone is to resist temptation and wait. Turning your wet gadget back on before it's had the chance to dry can cause more damage to your device.

5. Reconnect!

After a few days have passed, go ahead and power your phone back on. Hopefully, it's up and running again. But remember – there's a good chance that your phone may never function the same again. Nevertheless, you may still be able to retrieve images, videos, and other content and save it to a new device before getting rid of your waterlogged phone for good.

If you've dropped your phone in water, tried the above steps, and are still having issues, it may be time for a replacement device. If you have Tracfone’s Mobile Protect or Mobile Protect Plus plans, replacing your phone is covered. Or, you can consider upgrading to a variety of budget-friendly phones with Unbeatable Nationwide Coverage™ that won't break the bank when unexpected accidents occur.