With coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks, TracFone can be your companion on all your adventures.

A Guide to International Calling on TracFone

Have friends and/or family outside of the U.S. that you’d love to talk to more often? With TracFone, you can call hundreds of international destinations for the same price as a local call. (The call costs 1 minute for every minute used. No sign...

TracFone: International Long Distance Plan

Are you a snowbird who migrates south for the winter? Or do you have people far and wide to keep in touch with year round? Stay in the loop with everything going on at home with TracFone’s International Long Distance plan to help you call Canad...


Yes, it's not even Thanksgiving yet and we're already seeing ads and commercials for holiday shopping.

Not us! Really.

We just want to make a suggestion: Please keep TracFone in mind for the holidays.

It's a great first phone for kids and a a gr...

The world is yours!

With TracFone, you can call over 100 international destinations for the same price as a local call.

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International Calling Plans

It is easy to get fed up with international calling rates. Calling your friends and loved ones abroad, and having them call you, can be expensive. But what if you could eliminate international calling fees altogether?

As we mentioned in our prev...

International Long Distance

Connecting with loved ones and friends around the world is important, but international calls can be expensive and inconvenient. Many people can get frustrated with the lack of options when they use a landline phone, and international calling c...

Travel Cell Phones

Taking a cell phone with you on your travels is extremely important today. The summer travel season is upon us, and that means mounting travel woes such as longer lines at airports, more traffic on the roads, and stricter passport regulations. ...