TracFone & Dress for Success Launch the Success is Calling™ Program

At TracFone, we understand that one phone call can change a life, especially when that call helps you land a job. That’s why we are proud to partner with Dress for Success and introduce the Success is Calling™ program. Launching in June, this program will provide the necessary training and tools to empower disadvantaged women and help them thrive in work and in life.

In addition to donating 20% of all phone sales from Walmart in April to Dress for Success, TracFone Wireless will provide participants in the Success is Calling™ program with phone interview training and phone etiquette tips. Once each participant completes the program, they will be given a new TracFone MaxPatriot with a year of cell phone service to support them as they enter the workforce and jumpstart their careers.

Having a cell phone and demonstrating proper phone etiquette is extremely important in today’s work culture. A recent survey shows that many HR representatives strongly value candidates who are well spoken on phone interviews and judge them more favorably if they are able to demonstrate proper cell phone etiquette. And the benefits go beyond phone interviews—check out our findings here:


Through the Success is Calling™ program and a $525,000 donation, TracFone aims to further the Dress for Success mission of helping disadvantaged women develop the skills and confidence they need to start a successful career. Together with your help, we can ensure that more women receive that life changing phone call and hear those all-important words, "You got the job!"

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