There’s No Place Like Your Phone For the Holidays

Mobile devices make it easy to keep in contact with friends and family.

Quick answer: Staying in touch with friends and family is easy with help from group texting, video chat apps, social networks, and Tracfone’s flexible mobile phone service.

Keeping in touch with all of your loved ones during the holiday season can be difficult, especially when some are across town and others across the country. Fortunately, today’s cell phones offer a variety of features designed to help you stay connected with friends and family. Let’s talk about a few of our favorites.

Family takes a selfie

Group texts

Group texting is perfect for organizing celebrations or simply sending good tidings.

If you own a smartphone, then you’re probably already familiar with the convenience of text messages. But what if we told you there was a way to contact the whole family at once? That’s where group texting comes into play.

Group texting is as simple as it sounds. Most modern smartphones allow you to select several contacts before sending a message. These contacts can reply in the group messaging thread, where every other recipient will see it. They can also reply to you individually. This makes group texting perfect for organizing celebrations or simply sending good tidings.

If your phone doesn’t allow group texting, explore the App Store or Google Play. There are lots of safe, reliable group texting apps available for free, like WhatsApp or WeChat.

Video chatting

Prefer to talk face-to-face? Smartphone video chat applications let you speak to friends, family, and acquaintances, even when they can’t make it to dinner. Some phones come with their own video chat apps, like Apple’s FaceTime. If not, you’ll have to browse your device’s app store to search for other options. Skype and Google Hangouts are both great choices.

Social media

Social networks are an excellent choice for holiday communication. Facebook is especially convenient, because it lets you post text, photo, and video updates in one place. It’s also the world’s most popular social network, so that’s where you’re most likely to find both friends and family.

Instagram is another great option. The app allows you to edit and share pictures and videos with loved ones near and far. Plus, Instagram and Facebook both include messaging features that allow one-on-one or group communication with other users.

Make the smart choice

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