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Power Save Mode: What, When, Where, Why, And How

You can stretch your phone battery by turning on power saving mode.

Worried your phone battery might run out before you can get to a charger? Simply activate power saving mode to help your battery last longer. Most modern phones come with this fe...

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Play To Win With The Hottest Mobile Games Right Now

All you have to do is download the games to join in on the fun.

Have time to kill? Want to wind down after a busy day? Take out your smartphone and play some games. There are thousands of great games to choose from in the App Store and Google Pla...

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Tips For Taking Great Photos With Your New Tracfone

Take some cues from the pros to get beautiful, high-quality photos.

Now that you have a brand-new Tracfone phone in your hands, it’s the perfect time to test out all its new features, including the camera. New smartphones are equipped with exce...

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How To Video Chat With Your Friends And Family

Never miss a moment with your loved ones.

Today, one of the best ways to stay in touch with loved ones is through video chat. You don’t just get to hear the person’s voice, but you get to see them and interact with them in real time. It’s e...

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Learn How To Take A Screenshot

Want to take a photo of your screen? Here’s how.

You may have heard people use the term “screenshot” when using their cell phones. Maybe you were trying to send them information and they told you, “Just take a screenshot!” It sounds sim...

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Using The My Account App

The app offers a lot of great features for Tracfone users.

If you’re a Tracfone user with a smartphone, then the My Account app is a must. It’s free to download and can help make managing your account easy. If you’ve never used this app bef...

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Listen To The Radio On Your Phone

Find your favorite stations, artists, and songs all on your smartphone.

Did you know that you can listen to FM radio on your phone? You don’t have to rely on your car radio or your home music system to hear your favorite stations. Whether you l...