3 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make Retirement Even Better

Learn how your cell phone can help you make the most of every day.

If you’re approaching retirement, you may not consider a smartphone necessary. After all, you’ve spent decades working hard, and you’re ready to enjoy some downtime. But owning a smartphone can improve your life in many ways, even if you’re retired. Let’s talk about the advantages of owning a smartphone during retirement.

Organize your finances

Managing your money is a breeze with help from the many financial apps available for your smartphone. Most let you create a budget plan, and many let you set reminders to pay bills, credit cards, and more. You may even find that your personal financial institution or retirement plan managers have smartphone apps tailored to their services. Plus, most reputable apps use reliable security features, so you can be sure that no one else can view your information.

Maintain your health

Staying healthy is a goal for many retirees, and smartphones can help you stay on track.

Staying healthy is a goal for many retirees, one that smartphones can help with. For example, medication reminder apps help you remember which pills to take and when you should take them. Some apps will even alert family members if you miss a dose. Others offer extra features, such as journal sections where you can store important medical notes.

Consider a fitness app, too. There are plenty of options on Google Play and the App Store alike. Try to find an app that lets you set fitness goals, which offer an incentive for you to enjoy a daily walk or work through an exercise routine.

Capture precious moments

One of the reasons that mobile devices are so popular? The smartphone camera. Whether you’re at a Christmas party or your grandchild’s first musical performance, it takes just seconds to snap a picture you’ll treasure for years to come. Many standard cell phones feature cameras, but smartphone cameras usually offer better image quality. Smartphones also offer apps that let you edit, store, and send the pictures you take.

Start today

Smartphones aren't just for teens and working professionals – you'll find many ways these devices will come in handy as you make the most of life during retirement. See how a smartphone can enhance your retirement by browsing phones available via Tracfone, as well as plans that feature our Unbeatable Nationwide Coverage™.

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