Small Resolutions, Big Results

In the new year, we often find ourselves making resolutions that are big and grandiose. You want to lose 40 pounds. You want to quit smoking. But most of the time, unfortunately, these don’t pan out. So in the spirit of self-improvement, here a few small resolutions that you can make (and stick to) to help make 2016 excellent.

1. Reach out

People drift apart, even when they don’t mean to. Life happens. So make 2016 the year you get back in touch with those you don’t talk to as much. Whether it’s an old college friend or the aunt you only see during the holidays, drop them a call, text or e-mail. it will feel great to reconnect with someone important to you.


2. A novel idea

We all have that list. You know what we mean. That list of books we have been meaning to read. Well, make this the year you cross a couple of those off. We’re not asking you to read “War & Peace” (unless it’s on your list) but it’s great to just curl up with a good book on a quiet afternoon and enjoy.


3. Cooking up something good

In 2016, you can also look to expand your cooking prowess. Whether your signature dish is Cornish game hen or ramen noodles, the best part about cooking is there’s always room to improve, try new things and expand your horizons. Once you’ve perfected a few exciting recipes, invite some friends and family over to show off everything you’ve learned.


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