School’s out!

It’s graduation season! This means grads of all ages are finishing one journey and preparing for another. Their hard work and dedication is something worth celebrating, so here are a few ways to reward the grads in your life.

The power of a potluck

A graduation party is a pretty common way to celebrate this achievement. But there’s a way to make it a bit more personal. Throw a potluck! Everyone will be able to contribute in a unique way. Plus, it allows family and friends to work together to show their appreciation.


Hit the road

Whether your grad is finishing up high school, college or any other program, they’ve probably been locked inside preparing for final projects and exams. So get them out and treat them to a road trip! Summer is chock full of fun things that are just a few hours (or less!) away. From hiking and camping to baseball games and sightseeing. It’s a great way to reward them for their hard work and have a little quality time before they take their next big step.

Stay in touch

Speaking of next big steps, make sure your grad can keep in touch with you. The LG Rebel and Samsung Galaxy Core Prime with TracFone are perfect for texting, sending photos or simply catching up. Plus, with TracFone you get amazing service on one of America’s largest and most dependable networks.

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