3 Reasons You Should Own A Smartphone

Learn how to stay connected in more ways than ever before.

Smartphone ownership numbers have grown rapidly in a very short time. In fact, smartphones now play a part in the lives of a majority of Americans, which is a significant change from the 35% of people in the U.S. who owned smartphones in 2011.

That said, a portion of the nation remains unconvinced of the merits of smartphone ownership. If you’re a smartphone doubter, keep reading, and we’ll tell you why it may be time to say goodbye to your flip phone, and upgrade.

Quick answer: Upgrading to a smartphone can help you stay connected and create more moments that matter – from effortlessly exchanging pictures and videos to accessing navigation apps and restaurant reviews, and more.

Person holding phone and taking a picture in the outdoors

1. Staying connected is easier than ever.

Use a smartphone to exchange pictures and videos with the ones who matter most.

If you own an old-school cell phone, you likely use it to keep in touch with your friends and family when you’re on the go. Sure, that’s convenient, and you may feel like it’s everything you need. But a smartphone offers so much more – you can effortlessly exchange both pictures and videos with loved ones right after you take them, and you can expand your social circle with long-lost connections on social media apps like Facebook.

2. A smartphone is the ultimate “in case of emergency” tool.

Urgent situations can take many shapes, and they don’t always require a 911 call. For example, if your car breaks down in an unfamiliar area, a smartphone allows you to browse local mechanics to decide which one you’d like to tow and service your vehicle. The handy flashlight feature available on most devices can be helpful if you drop your keys after dark. You can even share your location with loved ones and family members if you’re traveling so they know where to find you.

3. Mobile data lets you access the Web anytime.

Think about your everyday life and consider how the Internet comes in handy. On vacation? The Web can provide you with the best local restaurants. Looking for updates on breaking news? The Internet and various news apps can help. Wondering about a word’s definition? You’ll find it on the World Wide Web. These examples are only a fraction of the Internet’s benefits, and with a smartphone, all of this information is just a touch away.

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