Protect Your Phone

Your phone can be as precious as your wallet or keys, and yet it’s more fragile and vulnerable than either. Here are our top 5 tips to protect you and your phone:

1. Password protect your phone.

Yes, it’s annoying to enter a password every time you use your phone but it could save you a lot of trouble if you ever lose it. A full alphanumeric password is the most secure, but pattern unlocks and pins work well too.

2. Don’t allow automatic connections.

Most phones will “remember” and try to connect to any Wi-Fi network they’ve accessed in the past. This convenience makes sense at home but could work against you in public. Disable automatic connections to prevent anyone from connecting to your phone without your knowing it.

3. Look for “https:” in the address.

When you’re making a purchase online always look at the web address to make sure it’s “https”. This indicates a higher level of security that’s been set up to transmit financial information privately.

4. Consider buying a “find your phone” app.

Most Android phones will let you locate and remotely wipe your phone through your Google account. Check to see if your phone is equipped with this service and if not, download an app that offers these features. You'll be glad you did if you ever lose your phone.

5. Consider getting a TracFone Easy Exchange plan.

TracFone offers two coverage options to protect your phone in the event that something goes wrong. Easy Exchange is an annual plan that covers electrical failure and mechanical failure. Easy Exchange Plus can be purchased monthly and covers electrical and mechanical failure, as well as accidental damage and liquid damage. Learn more at: