Mother’s Day DIY

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, have you planned any special activities to celebrate? It’s time to reflect and appreciate all that these powerful women have done for us over the years. They’ve sacrificed, worked long hours and put others before themselves so their families could have a better life. Here are a few DIY ways to celebrate mom and everything she’s done for us.

Brunch with a Bunch of Love

Mother’s Day brunches are an age-old tradition. But who says you have to go to a restaurant to spend a little quality time? Hold the brunch at someone’s house. Enjoy a meal made with love by including some family recipes. Not to mention the fact that you will finally be able to return the favor by cooking a meal for her.


To: Mom, From: You

The days of crayon drawings in elementary school art class as Mother’s Day presents might be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make her something special yourself. Evolve those art skills and take a painting class. Or forgo buying a piece of jewelry at a store and make some yourself in a jewelry making class. Not only are these personal skills you can foster, but you can create something totally unique and personalized that mom will love.

Share Memories

Mother’s Day is a great reason to take a walk, or maybe a drive, down memory lane. Visit some of your family’s favorite spots growing up. The park where she helped you learn to ride a bike. The diner the family went after baseball games. A stroll through your old neighborhood. Not only do you have memories attached to these areas, but she might give you an interesting perspective or remind you of good times you forgot.

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