Check out some tips on how TracFone can fit into your everyday life and be more than just your wireless provider.

Want To Use Bluetooth? Here’s How:

Find out what Bluetooth is, how to use, and why you should use it.

Ready to see what else your phone can do? Bluetooth is a common feature that Tracfone customers love to use. If you’re not familiar with it, Bluetooth is a type of technology ...

Stolen Phone? Cracked Screen? Water Damage? Tracfone Has You Covered

Enroll in one of Tracfone’s handset protection programs to keep your new phone safe.

When you get a new phone, the manufacturer’s warranty protects against electrical and mechanical malfunctions. But what if something goes wrong after the c...

Tips For Cleaning Your Smartphone The Right Way

If your smartphone could use a good wipe down, follow these tips for proper cleaning and sanitation.

Smartphones go everywhere with us. We have them while eating at restaurants, while taking public transportation, and even while we’re in the ...

Women doing yoga

The Top Health Tracker Apps For Your Smartphone

These smartphone apps are there to make monitoring your health easy.

In recent years, smartphone apps have revolutionized the way that people interact with each other. At the same time, health apps have changed the way we think about wellness, ...

iPhone with flowers, bag, and floral mug

Kick Off Spring Cleaning With These Helpful Apps

Your smartphone can help you tackle that to-do list.

Spring is settling in, which means it’s time to open up the windows and do some deep cleaning. Broom? Check. Vacuum? Check. Smartphone? Check. Yes, your Tracfone phone can actually help make ...

Over-the-shoulder shot of a mobile ride app driver

Holiday Travel Made Easy: Your Guide To Mobile Ride Apps

Zip from one holiday celebration to the next with popular mobile ride apps, like Uber and Lyft.

No holiday season is complete without at least a few get-togethers with friends and family. If you’re intent on attending them all, however, it’s ...

Christmas by the fireplace

Post The Moment With Tracfone To Win This Holiday Season

Celebrate the moments that matter by sharing your best holiday photos in our Post the Moment sweepstakes.

The holidays are all about making memories together, and this season, Tracfone wants to help. From Friday, December 14, 2018 to Friday, Janu...