Kick Off Spring Cleaning With These Helpful Apps

Your smartphone can help you tackle that to-do list.

Spring is settling in, which means it’s time to open up the windows and do some deep cleaning. Broom? Check. Vacuum? Check. Smartphone? Check. Yes, your Tracfone phone can actually help make spring cleaning faster and easier. Discover some great apps to download that’ll help you freshen up your home and get it ready for summer.

iPhone with flowers, bag, and floral mug


Before you get started with your spring cleaning, browse the Pinterest app for ideas. You can find tons of spring cleaning tips, DIY hacks, and organizational inspiration. Want to find an easy way to clean the microwave or window sill? Are you in need of a new closet organizer system? Pinterest has you covered. Find it for iOS and Android.


Tody is easy to use and works great for households of all sizes.

Now that it’s time to get your hands dirty, download Tody to keep track of your cleaning routines and spring cleaning list. You can add areas that need to be cleaned around the home and check them off when they’re complete. You can also set up recurring tasks, because we all know that cleaning is a job that’s never done. Plus, Tody will actually visualize the growing need to clean over time to help keep you motivated. The app is easy to use and works great for households both large and small. Get it for iOS or Android.


Another great task management app for spring cleaning is called OurHome. It’s ideal for big families with kids, because the app allows you to assign and schedule chores. You can also create a shared grocery list, enter events into the family calendar, and set up rewards to help everyone stay motivated enough to push through. Download for iOS or Android.


And finally, Handy is an app that’s perfect for people who don’t like to clean or who don’t have time. You can actually use the app to book top-rated cleaners who will come over and tidy up for you at the time and date of your choosing. It’s only available in select major cities, but if you live in the area, consider taking advantage of this app for all your spring cleaning needs. Install it on iOS or Android.

Simplify cleaning with your smartphone

With a Tracfone smartphone and service plan and the right free cleaning apps, you can be ready for a clean, fresh start. There are no contracts or gimmicks; just reliable service and reasonable monthly costs. Make the switch to Tracfone today to experience true wireless freedom.

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