Why Mobile Phone Insurance is Actually Worth the Price

Though it comes at a slight cost, the peace of mind offered by mobile phone insurance is priceless.

Quick answer: Phone insurance offers added peace of mind. If your phone gets damaged, you can rest assured that it’ll be fixed at little to no cost to you.

Today’s smartphones are built tough, because manufacturers understand that accidents happen. But even the most careful phone owners might someday find themselves with a broken device. If you’ve never bothered with insurance, a repair shop may be able to help, or you might have to buy a new phone altogether. However, if you’ve paid for a mobile phone insurance plan, you can simply file a claim, pay a service fee, and receive your repaired phone within a matter of days. Sounds convenient, right?

Smartphone with a bandage

How insurance works

Most modern phones come with warranties. Unfortunately, they only cover a limited number of issues, and if you think you’ll need a little extra protection, seeking out cell phone insurance plans, like Tracfone’s Mobile Protect†† and Mobile Protect Plus†, is a must. Usually, these types of insurance plans can be paid for either monthly or yearly. Plus, they typically offer several levels of protection, and the best cell phone insurance plans will even cover loss and theft.

If your phone becomes damaged or goes missing, you’ll simply have to fill out a claims form – typically online – before your claim is approved. Then, you’ll send your phone to the manufacturer, they’ll repair your device, and it’ll be back in your hands before you know it. It’s that simple.

It’s worth it

Subscribing to a protection plan can put your mind at ease and save you money.

As a careful person, you might be hesitant to work another cost into your budget – especially for insurance you might never need. But because phone damage can occur when you least expect it, subscribing to a protection plan can put your mind at ease and save you money in the end.

Without insurance, you’ll most likely have to purchase a brand-new replacement device, which can cost hundreds of dollars up front or lead to a large monthly payment. Insured devices, on the other hand, are fixed quickly by repair experts, meaning you can keep on using the device you’ve come to love without spending a fortune for something new.

Insure your phone

Got your eye on a mobile device from Tracfone? Insure it with Tracfone Mobile Protect, and then match it with a Tracfone service plan. Tracfone offers Unbeatable Nationwide Coverage™ to help you keep connected during the moments that matter most.

††Replacement devices may be a new or refurbished model, of the same or of a like kind and quality. Phone color, brand, model and features may be different. Compatibility of original accessories is not guaranteed. 2-Non-refundable claim service fee applies. The claim service fee is based on the cost of the phone from the original date of purchase. †Mobile Protect Plus is underwritten by Continental Casualty Company, a CNA company (CNA), and is administered by Asurion Protection Services, LLC, a licensed agent of CNA (In Iowa, Lic. # 1001002300). In California, Asurion Protection Services Insurance Agency, LLC, (CA Lic. # OD63161). Terms and conditions are subject to change. Coverage terms may vary by state and eligibility may vary by device. All applicable taxes and surcharges are extra.