How to Use Voice Commands on Your Smartphone

From setting a reminder to sending a text message, the digital assistant on your compatible smartphone makes it even easier to perform various tasks.

Your smartphone is designed to help make everyday life a little more convenient, whether you’re chatting with long-distance relatives over the phone or capturing special moments with the camera. But did you know that your smartphone is capable of doing so much more?

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The virtual assistant feature on your compatible Android or iOS device can answer questions, make recommendations, and perform a variety of tasks at your request. All you have to do is activate the feature by saying “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri” into the microphone, followed by a voice command such as “Set my alarm for 7:00 am” or “Tell me what the weather is like today.”

Accessing your virtual assistant

For those using smartphones with an Android OS, your digital assistant is known as Google. To activate your Google assistant, open the Google app on your smartphone. Tap the Menu option followed by Settings > Voice > Voice Match. This helps you customize when you want your phone to respond to “Ok Google.” When you want to access Google voice commands, simply say “Ok Google” into the microphone, followed by your request. On other Android devices, you may have to open the Google app and tap on the microphone, or say “Ok Google” in the app to make a voice command.

iPhone® users can activate Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, by tapping the Settings app followed by General > Accessibility > Siri. Here you can customize how you'll access the feature, selecting from Always On, Control with Ring Switch, and Hands-Free Only. Once Siri has been enabled, you can access her help by simply saying, "Hey Siri" into your microphone or holding down the Home button and speaking a command. If you have an iPhone X or a later model without a Home button, hold down the right side button to make your request to Siri.

Using voice commands

Google and Siri can help you perform different tasks during your day. Instead of searching for the answer to a question online or remembering to set an alarm for the next morning, your smartphone’s digital assistant can do it for you. iOS and Android voice commands will allow you to do all of the following:

  • Set a reminder, timer, or alarm
  • Make a phone call, send a text message or an email
  • Access other apps
  • Play music, or ask what song is playing
  • Create an event
  • Change your settings
  • Find directions
  • Perform a calculation
  • Ask a general question
  • And more…
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