Essential Smartphone Data Security Tips

Learn about the ways you can ensure your smartphone data stays safe.

If you’re still new to the world of smartphones, you may be a bit suspicious about the level of security afforded by these complex, computer-like devices. And while modern mobile phones nearly always come with a standard assortment of security features, there are still steps you can take to keep your sensitive information safe at all times. Here, we’ll guide you through a few key security tips, such as enabling your phone’s security features and controlling permissions on your apps.

1. Take advantage of your phone’s security features

Early smartphones didn’t offer too much in the way of security features, typically letting you restrict access with a pin, pattern, or password, but not much more. But times have changed. Many devices – even some of the most affordable phones – include fingerprint sensors, while top-of-the-line options often include facial recognition, iris scanners, and other biometric security measures. Using a combination of these features is one of the best ways to obstruct unwelcome access to your phone when it’s not in your hands.

2. Download software updates as soon as possible

Software updates often include critical data security enhancements.

Software updates aren’t designed for fun – they’re created to improve the mobile phone user experience as a whole. This often includes critical data security enhancements. Try to keep up with app updates for the same reason.

3. Allow apps only the permissions they really need

Because consumers routinely express their desire for privacy and are uncertain about providing their data to companies that don’t necessarily need it, developers now offer expanded control over app permissions. This means that when you download apps, you typically can choose which information is shared, and restrict what’s unnecessary.

Depending on the phone, you can usually check app permissions in the general settings, security, or privacy subfolders.

4. Only download apps that seem legitimate

At this point, both Google Play and Apple’s App Store have made it immensely difficult for developers to distribute malicious apps. But there’s still the off chance that something might slip through the filter, so be sure to check user reviews and browse for information on the Web if you’re unsure.

Stay Secure with the Latest Smartphone Technology

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