Do the Holidays For Less

With the holidays right around the corner it’s often easy to get carried away and spend a little too much. Your heart is in the right place, but your bank account might be hurting. Believe it or not, it’s easy to do the holidays for less. Here are a couple of tips that will keep you on your wallet’s “Nice” list.

1. Never Stop Shopping

You probably say it to yourself standing in long department store lines every year, “I should have started shopping earlier.” But with all the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s difficult to get your shopping done. So next year, try something that might sound weird: never stop shopping. See something in March for Mom? Buy it and put it in your closet. There’s a sale at the hardware store in June? Grab what you think Dad might want. If you spread out your shopping over a year, it will be easy to manage in December and you can take advantage of sales all year long.


2. Holiday Gift Exchange

When it comes to family, it can often be a strain to get everyone their own present - particularly if you’re part of a big family. So this year, draw names out of a hat and have each person get only one other person a gift. That way you can put some real thought into it and give them the perfect gift – not to mention, it costs less than getting several gifts.


3. Make it a family affair

Ask family members to help out with the cooking and bring a side or a dessert to help offset the cost and make it easier on those who are working to the bone. If someone brings potatoes, another the rolls, another the green bean casserole and another the sweet potatoes, it will take a ton of pressure off both the hard working chefs in your kitchen and your holiday budget.


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