Conserve Your Juice

You’re walking through the mall getting ready to meet up with your friends when your phone indicates low battery. Your mind races, your palms get sweaty. What if your phone dies before you meet up with your group and you’re stranded alone at the mall forever?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Avoid “Low Battery Anxiety Disorder” by following these battery saving tips:

  1. Stay cool - Keep your phone in a cool place – heat drains your battery. Even putting your phone in a looser pocket may help keep the heat down.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi is constantly looking for possible networks to connect to. Turn off this feature in your phone’s settings to save power.
  3. Switch from vibrate to ring tone - Did you know the vibrate function uses additional battery power? Try turning your ring tone volume as low as possible instead of resorting to vibrate.
  4. Dim the display - Turn down your screen brightness to conserve juice.
  5. Avoid using unnecessary programs - If you know you’re running low on battery, avoid browsing the web, taking pictures, or playing a game.
  6. Use airplane mode or turn off your phone - If you find yourself in an area with little to no reception, use airplane mode or just power down. Your phone spends extra battery life trying to find reception – save it the extra effort.
  7. Keep calls short and sweet - This may be the most important tip: Keep phone calls to a minimum when your battery is running low. You’ll be amazed how long you can prolong your battery life by shortening your conversations.

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