Easy Ways to Improve Cell Phone Reception on the Go

Spotty service can lead to dropped calls, slow internet, and other issues. Follow these tips for improving your cell reception.

Quick Answer: To improve your cell reception while traveling, try using Wi-Fi, getting closer to the nearest cell tower, and keeping your battery fully charged.

Most cell phone users experience dropped calls from time to time. But when you’re traveling, any lapse in service can be extremely frustrating. Whether you’re trying to look up the operating hours of a local attraction online, send a travel update to your family via text, or place a call into work, don’t settle for subpar service. Here’s what you can do to boost your cell reception.

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Use Wi-Fi

These days, most phone carriers, including Tracfone, allow what’s referred to as Wi-Fi Calling. This feature – available on a wide range of smartphones – lets you make and receive phone calls and send and receive texts over a wireless connection. While you might be using your network to make a call, if the connection cuts out, your phone will fall back on its Wi-Fi connection. That means no more dropped calls.

Remove any interference

The closer you get to the cell tower, the better cell reception you will have.

Picture your Wi-Fi router. The closer you get to it, the stronger your Wi-Fi signal becomes. Cell phones work in much the same way – the closer you get to the cell tower, the better cell reception you will have. To stay in line with the tower, you should try eliminating the barriers that can block the signal. Head to the top floor of where you’re staying, or try making a call outdoors. With fewer obstructions in the way, cell reception can improve.

Recharge your battery

If your phone’s running low on battery, you’re going to have a tough time getting good cell reception. That’s because your device uses a significant amount of power from the battery when it tries to connect to the nearest cell tower. When your phone is on low battery mode, it’ll still try to connect to the closest tower, but it won’t have the power it needs to maintain good reception. While traveling, make sure you charge your phone to 100 percent, and keep a portable battery charger on hand just in case you don’t have access to a power outlet.

Change your service

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