A Guide to International Calling on TracFone


Have friends and/or family outside of the U.S. that you’d love to talk to more often? With TracFone, you can call hundreds of international destinations for the same price as a local call. (The call costs 1 minute for every minute used. No sign-up is needed and you can start using it by dialing 1-800-706-3839 followed by the country code, city code and phone number.

Here are all the destinations you can call at no extra cost.

Our International Neighbors and Frequent Numbers services are additional ways to stay connected and make communicating with loved ones abroad easier.

The International Neighbors offering allows you to dial a local telephone number and your friends and family in Mexico can call your TracFone directly here in the U.S. There’s no additional charge for enrollment and you can request up to three local Mexican telephone numbers. More details and step-by-step setup instructions can be found here.

TracFone's Frequent Numbers provides you with 1-800 numbers that you can assign to you most frequent dialed international numbers. No more dialing the international access number, plus country code, plus phone number, etc.

You can request up to ten 1-800 numbers for faster and easier dialing and there are no additional charges for this service. Set up International Frequent Numbers here.